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Orange Dots Melbourne 2022 (out-of-towners)

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WOWEEEE Out-Of-Towners you have by far exceeded expectations. So i guess at this point we have to figure out if we can attempt a meetup in melbourne for those in victoria or if we should go for a big zoom-a-thon?

The first request i have is for two beautiful souls to nominate themselves as a Team Leaders: one from victoria and one from interstate.

The aim of this secondary gathering of our tribe is to setup 'THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS' section of Tartaria Australia. And trust me on this even if you declare not have one of these - these meetups will have a profound impact on your life moving forward in the next 12 months. I am going to highly recommended you attend.

Once we have some Team Leaders to help me run the groups we will organise a time for a zoom and a time for a meetup. I am aiming to meet every group in August.

I cant fucking wait and i am pumped to introduce you to the second stage of our Tartarian Dreaming.

Biggest Love Kelly & Cambell

PS- Huge milestone today - we finally setup our teeshirt store for anyone wanting a momento of the event. This is Kelly's passion cause she loves the creativity in Tartaria. She cant wait to hear your feedback.

Lara 😊
Kirsten Murray
Tracy Tozer
Tracy Tozer
Tracy Tozer
Jul 17, 2022

Yah! This is what I'm pumped about! A zoomathon may work better for me.



Hello Orange Dots from Tartaria Australia Live Event in Melb...
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