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Finding Inspiration in Every Thought

Tartaria Australia started with Kelly walking around the streets of Melbourne taking videos on her iPhone. A newly awakened obsession with our 1800's buildings, who built them and why Melbourne had so many. She noticed how gigantic they were, how beautiful they were, how out of place they were surrounded by the black box design of our modern city scapes. She wondered why it would make any economic sense to build such giant buildings, and what possible purpose they world serve in such young colonies. She wondered where the materials came from, the craftsman, the scaffolding, the stone, the glass, the lead, the bluestone. She wondered on closer examination why the windows disappeared into the pavement time and time again and why none of these buildings had level foundations. She wondered what builder would do that and what purpose this would serve. She marvelled at the scale of the domes on top and the towers and the town-halls and the windows and the doors and the sheer opulence of the interiors. She wondered about the convicts and firsts settlers who travelled all this way with all their supplies and animals and materials- to build these monolithic structures- on wooden boats. Was it possible? That they were all built before the invention of the power tool or even power in our cities. Before industry.  And with all our advancements today can we replicate these engineering giants? Certainly not in a year which is how long these are buildings are usually reported as taking. So she kept staring at these buildings. She looked for a like minded thinker on youtube and found Cambell, reached out to him and asked his thoughts on such things. 

Cambell and Kelly hit it of. And kelly found that Cambell thought the same way. They started a podcast together called Tartaria Australia. And now they theorise that space is the ocean (, that water is source, that source is god, that god, source and water hold infinite potential and change through intention. Our intention. That the waters above us are accessed through the waters beneath us and that rockets only go up to get the momentum to go down. The Architecture lead us to the waters and the waters lead us to what they revered. God in the living waters. That we breath water, we are water, we need water, we were born in water, we live surrounded by water, we have been hijacked by those who came from the waters, and we operate under maritime law. Kelly reminds herself that in a few weeks this theory will evolve and she will have to re-write this paragraph. But she doesnt care, she loves this! She also reminds me to tell you about the creatures from the deeps of the ocean are the aliens of space maybe? Both a bit scaly and gill-yy? Whats with the Octypuss.  Also there may be a missing sun, which is why everyone grew so much smaller than the builders of our giant buildings (watch this podcast for the whole theory - a lot of wow moments, wildcard - but Australia could actually be China and has been for 250years, timelines are changing daily and nothing about history is real.  Staring at the buildings gives way to a deprogramming tool like no other.

Because these buildings are full of information.

Together they have labeled it Tartaria Consciousness. 


Australia is a blessing for a Tartarian Hunter, as its very history places the architecture in a 250year container, where we are told Australia was just wilderness and only played home to our Original People. But the buildings, the buildings sighs kelly lovingly, tell a different story altogether. 

Observing these buildings changes your mind very powerfully. You go into a sense of rapid deprogramming from history and then geography and then culture, science, maths, media, politics, all of it. And then to your delight sighs kelly lovingly, in flood fairytales, castles, starforts, giant trees, giants, gods, mythical creatures, talking animals, beauty, culture. All that we have come to know as childhood stories suddenly take their place in your reality as reality. Mindblowing. And you dont have to travel to exotic caves overseas. This is in every city in australia.

This then propels you towards 5d activations and a brand new level of the game. A new consciousness. At this point we receive a reward for our awakening......for the first time in most of our lives, down these rabbit holes, we can ground our truth with our eyes. And grounding your truth is a blessing like no other. This time you can go outside into any township or city and see with your own eyes the truth of what you are learning, because it is everywhere. And once you see it and touch it and know it beyond doubt you shift your brainwaves into an entirely new frequency band. No secret intel, no insiders, no special military and no guru's or experts. Just you and your eyes. 

Enter JC Kay and the Quantum Truth Movement.

The dearest of friend. The wisest of teachers. The strongest of psychics. And that chick swears as much as kelly. Cambell nods.  And we all three know where this is heading. We know it is a bridge. We know it's a new level of the game. 

So we went LIVE. 18months behind the computer practicing our conversation and we knew it was time to step onto the stage together, call out to our community and begin healing from all the isolation. But more poignantly begin the march around Australia finding our tribe and opening their beautiful big brains to the new level of the game. This has become our service. And we call it Tartaria Australia: Achieving The Impossible Dream.


We sold out in Melbourne. Brisbane you're next.   




JC Kay burst onto the Social Media scene, and into the public's awareness in a few short weeks, with a mission to speak her truth in a world that was being silenced.

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