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Blue Dots Melbourne 2022 (South)

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We had our First Blue Dots Melbourne social event last Saturday 23/07/22, meeting at The Grocery Bar coffee shop on Fitzroy St in St Kilda, right next door to the Alex Theatre and The George. Attendees: Helen, Mary and Bruce.

Discussion topics:

St Petersburg Architecture: Mary brought in a beautiful book, showcasing the amazing and stunning buildings there

Swanston Street photo plaque showing the antennas everywhere

St Kilda Historical Society Maps HERE

St Kilda Historical Society Photos HERE

Interestingly, some of the old docs say "architect unknown":

Tallageria (Extant) 74 Acland St

Dandenong Road was already a "Metalled Roadway" in 1873

Eildon mansion – Alliance Francais

St Kilda Baths c 1905

St Kilda Court House & Town Hall c1861

The George: Mary, Bruce, Helen at the entrance, and then inside the ball room. Make sure you have a look at the 'underground' section too, showing that ground level was different back then.


Esoteric Atlanta by Brice Edwards

Emerald Tablets by Hermes/Thoth

We have two options for our next social event :

Saturday 6th August or Sat 20th August 12:30 at The Grocer Bar.

Look for the Tartarian sign :-) Or join the Telegram Blue Dot group:

Kirsten Murray


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