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Green Dots Melbourne 2022 (West)

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Hello everyone. I have set up telegram groups for each group so i can start speaking to you in real time about organising a meetup and or zoomathon in August for phase 2 of the Live Event.

Find your group on Telegram @ Green Tartaria Australia.

This is an experiment. I smile.

Trish Gaia
Trish Gaia
Jul 15, 2022

Hello fab Kelly,

Just joined the green dot group for the west, as I just got your email update of organising a meetup or zoom for all members in August sometime.

I see you are looking for a Team Leader.

Could you clarify what the Team Leader would need to do to organise a group in person or via zoom?

Curious to know thank you




Hello Green Dots from Tartaria Australia Live Event in Melbo...
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