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Yellow Dots Melbourne 2022 (North)

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Hello everyone,

my apologies i had the new telegram groups set to private not public. You can now find them @ yellowtartariaaustralia on telegram.

I look forward to seeing you there so we have real time conversation potential.

  • Hello All. Having trouble finding group on Telegram. Tried full pathway Telegram@ yelow... and also just yellow dots....Anyone got any tips as to the search pathway?

  • Hello everyone. I have set up telegram groups for each group so i can start speaking to you in real time about organising a meetup and or zoomathon in August for phase 2 of the Live Event.

    Find your group on Telegram @ Yellow Tartaria Australia.

    This is an experiment. I smile.

  • Anne-Pauline Attard

    Hi Yellow dots,

    I am in Northcote, near Westgarth Station.

    Kelly, you asked if anyone would step upupup to organise a social event. I am happy to help.

    Maybe we could start with something flexible like a Tartaria walk in the inner north?

    We could choose a starting point, say Fitzroy or Collingwood for coffee to give people time to arrive, and then head off on our walk.

  • Hi I'm Nina I'm in Research if anyone is interested in a catch up?

  • R


    Hello Yellow Dots from Tartaria Australia Live Event in Melb...

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