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Orange Dots Melbourne 2022 (out-of-towners)

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Hello Fellow Tartaria friends. I would like to attend the 15 March Camp out. Anyone travelling from Wollongong or Sydney, coming through Wollongong to share expenses to get there by car to the camp site.

I am a musician/poet/artist and I am looking for a lift to Melany and back. Pay for half fuel, share some of the driving if auto vehicle. Plus contribute to other expenses for food too. I'm good company, a freedom fighter for over 20 years and lots of stories to share. One of my websites is non toxic printmaking and photography

Please send me a private message if you can help. Thanks!!! Patricia

Anyone from Castlemaine end going to St Kilda this Sat, just let me know as I will be driving there and can accommodate a few people in the car if you need a lift. :)

Jools - Western Ballarat

New link for the pink group:

Shapes of water changes, so these images show the shapes of water depending on the sounds i.e. frequencies. Note, shapes look typically like cathedral windows geometry.

The music of Anders Holte & Cacina Meadu, made visible by CymaScope instrument.

CymaScope video projected in Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Erin Wright
Helen St Kilda
Aug 01, 2022

Yes, The shapes are amazing! I agree, I think the windows designs were based on patterns created by translating sound frequencies into visual images.



Hello Orange Dots from Tartaria Australia Live Event in Melb...
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