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Orange Dots Melbourne 2022 (out-of-towners)

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Kirsten Murray
Kirsten Murray
Kirsten Murray
Jul 26, 2022

Can’t wait to discuss so many other theories are out there… And can’t wait to start our own group quests everywhere, as we map out together what our history truly is… and forge a new beginning for us all 😌🤩

PS Patty, glad to see u still alive and sharing posts like a good little Gemini Tartaria hunter 😀 If only i could work out how to post my own thoughts here - it won’t let me type a comment as a post - or I’d be posting heaps by now too 😀 )I am restricted to only writing my thoughts as a commemt under someone’s else post 🙄 As our friend Mandy would say: First World Problems!



Hello Orange Dots from Tartaria Australia Live Event in Melb...
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