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Orange Dots Melbourne 2022 (out-of-towners)

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Beautiful Max Harrison aboriginal elder who passed away last year, a beautiful story tell and very wise man. Max explains that nature is a recorder of stories, it is spiritual place that should be sacred and protected.

Notes from video: In this complete interview, Max "Duramunmun" Harrison, an elder of the Yuin Nation of Southeast Australia, explains fundamental differences between Aboriginal and Euro-Australian worldviews. Unity and cooperation must involve understanding and respect for one another's lifestyle. But the basic Aboriginal understanding of the earth as Mother and source is undermined by a culture of consumerism, passively teaching that vegetables come from a store. Max asks, if the Mother is not understood, how can She be respected?

Erin Wright
Kirsten Murray
Ronnie Sexton
Adell Gibbs


Hello Orange Dots from Tartaria Australia Live Event in Melb...
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