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Yellow Dots Melbourne 2022 (North)

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Hi Melbourne North

My name is Robyn and am in Epping. I organise a truthers women’s group that catch up most Thursdays in South Morang, for a coffee and I chat - let me know if anyone would like to drop in. What a wonderful experience the Tartarian event was. Thank you Kelly for creating these groups for us to connect- we would love to have you join us for coffee sometime.

New Earth Timeline - bring it on ❤️

Anne-Pauline Attard

Hi Robyn - Hope to be at your catch up this morning. Am out of FB jail as of yesterday and have requested to join your FB group. Haven't attended any of your gatherings as most Thursday mornings I have a regular appointment. Looking forward to meeting you....



Hello Yellow Dots from Tartaria Australia Live Event in Melb...
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